• The Value of Public Investment in Green Banks

    The track record shows that a Green Bank can drive more investment, more clean energy, and more CO2 reduction per dollar of public cost than current programs. The longest running Green Banks in the U.S. have now been operating for over five years. Green Banks have driven over $2 billion

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  • Global Green Bank Impact: $25.9 Billion and Counting

    Through 2016, member institutions of the global Green Bank Network have supported clean energy projects valued at $25.9 billion. $7.9 billion was directly invested or committed by Green Banks, with the remainder coming from outside investors. Renewable energy projects represented the majority (78.5%) of Green Bank investments. Earlier this year, CGC reported that

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  • Reed Hundt on Clean Energy Investment Driving Growth

    Reed Hundt, the CEO of Coalition for Green Capital, recently delivered a presentation for the International Monetary Fund on the potential for clean energy and 5G communications technology to drive global economic growth. Reed discusses the clean energy investment opportunity presented by the annual global investment need of $200 billion

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