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  • Energy Innovation Leaders Want to Revive CEDA; Climate Bank is the Solution

    Last week, the American Energy Innovation Council (AEIC) called for the creation of a new federal financing entity to support the deployment of innovative clean energy technologies, similar to the Clean Energy Deployment Administration, the first national green bank originally proposed in 2009. The AEIC is a group of 11

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  • BlackRock’s Letter on Climate Risk and the National Climate Bank

    Last month, Larry Fink, the Chairman and CEO of BlackRock, wrote in his annual letter to CEOs of the world’s largest companies that BlackRock would “place sustainability at the center of our investment approach.” As the letter implies, this may well be a turning point for how capital is invested,

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  • Upcoming African Climate Finance Events Feature CGC

    Later this month, CGC’s Sidonie Gwet will be speaking at several climate finance strategy events in Africa. In 2017, CGC designed the first African Green Bank at the Development Bank of Southern Africa. CGC is currently working in Rwanda on a similar project. UNFCCC Technical Workshop on Needs-Based Climate Finance

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