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    Clean Energy Finance News – Monthly Roundup

    This is the September installment of the CGC’s monthly news roundup, where we compile important news and commentary on public and private investment in clean energy projects. We’ve searched the internet to find the news stories that will keep you up to speed and informed on blended finance approaches to

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  • Reed Hundt’s Remarks at Climate Change Policy Forum

    These remarks were delivered at the  Stanford Woods Forum to discuss climate priorities for the next presidential administration on 9/15. TRANSCRIPT: Good afternoon. I want to give a big shout out to my old friend David Hayes and all of his colleagues for arranging this. I also want to ask

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  • Senate

    Green Back Act 2016 Introduced in Senate

    The Green Bank Act of 2016 was introduced in the Senate today by Senators Murphy (CT), Blumenthal (CT), and Whitehouse (RI). The Act would create a $50 billion national Green Bank that would provide capital to state and local Green Banks to finance clean energy projects that save money for

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