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    Clean Energy Finance News – Monthly Roundup

    NY Green Bank Closes $37.5M Solar Deal with Vivint  “The loan is structured as a medium-term (five-year) note and allows Vivint Solar to recycle capital that can be used for the installation of new residential solar systems in New York. With this loan, the bank says, Vivint is expected to

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  • infrastructure-918748

    National Green Bank and Infrastructure Bank Meet Different Goals

    A National Infrastructure Bank, once called “the next best idea for the past 25 years,” looks like it may soon become a reality. Infrastructure has received considerable attention this election season, and Hillary Clinton has unveiled her plans for a $25 billion National Infrastructure Bank. The recently introduced Green Bank

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  • CGB financing and subsidies

    Driving Solar Adoption with More Financing, Less Subsidy

    The goal of any government’s solar policy should be to: Rapidly accelerate solar adoption in order to displace fossil fuel-based electricity; Ensure that solar is cheaper than grid power, so customers save money; and Do so at the least possible cost to taxpayers. Green Banks are aligned with these objectives.

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