New Paper: Competition as Means of Building the Clean Power Platform

Yesterday, the Coalition for Green Capital joined energy leaders at a Stanford Woods Forum to discuss climate priorities for the next presidential administration.

Our CEO Reed Hundt presented a paper on “Competition as the Means to Building the Clean Power Platform.” The paper applies lessons from the deregulation of telecoms to unlocking innovation and clean energy growth. The full paper is below and can be downloaded here.

All of the papers, which cover a range of high-priority topics on climate policy, can be viewed on the conference website. Among the findings discussed during the conference were:

  • Climate-related investment opportunities are too large for the next president, regardless of his or her opinion on climate science, to ignore. The solar industry alone is growing at an annual rate of 20%, and has offered 200,000 well-paying jobs as of the last year.
  • Global climate change issues and global health issues should be discussed in concert. As one example of this link, premature deaths caused by outdoor air pollution are estimated to rise from 3 million to 4.5 million by 2040.
  • Incorporating climate risk into infrastructure investments is key. Within the next 15 years, climate change is estimated to add an additional $7.3 billion in annual damage to coastal property and infrastructure.

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