CGC Publishes Pennsylvania Clean Energy Market Report

CGC, along with our partner The Nature Conservancy (TNC), is delighted to announce the release of its new report: the Pennsylvania Clean Energy Market Report. The report estimates that there is a largely untapped market potential of approximately $16 – $20 billion in economically viable clean energy projects throughout Pennsylvania. The report also finds some of the challenges facing the clean energy market in Pennsylvania include: constrained and disaggregated sources of capital for clean energy projects, information gaps and limited uptake of program resources, and few financial products that target a single market segment, among others.

This report is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania—it includes a comprehensive clean energy market landscape assessment. The institutions, programs, policies, laws and incentives that shape the clean energy market in Pennsylvania are discussed in detail. This report also includes information on the clean energy market activity to date, as well as estimates of clean energy market potential drawn from a variety of sources across a handful of specific technologies. As a part of this work, CGC interviewed more than 40 people and organizations, including project developers, contractors, investors, policymakers, NGOs, program managers, government officials, and regulators.

This report will be followed by a second report on specific recommendations for financing structures, institutions, products, and activities tailored to fit Pennsylvania’ that could help fill market gaps and spur more clean energy deployment.

TNC sees the sustainable and efficient use of energy and the deployment of appropriately-sited clean energy resources are critical to the organization’s conservation mission. CGC began working in partnership with the Pennsylvania Chapter of TNC in 2015 to produce a clean energy market report and investigate possible Green Bank solutions in Pennsylvania.

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