Expert Voices Continue the Conversation from the US Green Bank Summit

Head over to the ClimateWorks blog for a post from Ilmi Granoff, Director of Sustainable Finance at ClimateWorks. Based on a speech given at the US Green Bank Summit, he lays out a strong argument for establishing a federal Green Bank in the US:

Whether you believe that U.S. climate policy is achieved through innovation policy or New Deal-style public mobilization, a national green bank is a crucial policy tool whose moment in the U.S. has arrived.

Read more here: The Case for a US Federal Green Bank

The conversation also continues at NRDC, with a post from Sarah Dougherty and Ann Shikany giving an in-depth introduction to the National Climate Bank concept, including its methods and the types of projects in which it could invest. They conclude:

All this is to say, we are really excited about this National Climate Bank bill. If passed, this bank would be a catalyst for exciting, innovative climate solutions. It would build up local climate leadership and implement equitable solutions around the country.

See the full post here: Introduction: National Climate Bank

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