Op-ed: Jay Inslee speaks out against false choices on climate action

This post originally appeared on the site of CGC’s campaign for a federal Green Bank.

Jay Inslee stands out among Democratic Presidential candidates for his focus on climate change, and has been a proponent behind the idea of a national Green Bank to send a powerful wave of investment into the clean energy transition.

In an NYT op-ed on Sunday, he emphasizes what he’s learned from his extensive political career, as well as his time on the campaign trail:

“Americans see climate change in the floodwater in their homes, the choking smoke from wildfires that envelop their skies and the devastating storms that hit their communities each year. They want us to act.”

He provides an antidote to the outdated idea that we must choose between a livable climate and a thriving economy. The switch to clean energy can create jobs and support local economies, including low-income communities, rural communities, and those affected by the transition away from fossil fuels.

See the full piece here.

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