CGC in the News: Special Report from Smart Cities World

In a special report from Smart Cities World, CGC Executive Director Jeff Schub explains how the trend towards Green Banks is relevant to cities, while also driving clean energy investment at state and national levels. 

Jeffrey Schub, executive director at the Coalition for Green Capital (CGC), the non-profit, which incubates local clean energy finance institutions, told SmartCitiesWorld that the core value provided by green banks is similar whether city-, county-, state-, or entire country-scale.


“Public dollars available for investment in green energy projects are limited, and policy-makers, of course, want to maximise the impact of each dollar of investment,” he said. “Green banks accomplish this in a unique way, blending public, private and philanthropic investment in clean energy projects that would otherwise struggle to find capital. Green Banks can also help to meet needs in hard-to-reach markets, such as those serving low-income customers.”

The piece also highlights the track record of success established by existing Green Banks, and calls out the National Climate Bank Act as a sign of Green Banks’ growing momentum.

Read the whole thing in Smart Cities World here.

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