CGC in the News: Alex Kragie on the National Climate Bank

The American Bar Association (ABA) regularly publishes practical, informative articles for legal practitioners. This week, ABA’s Environment, Energy, and Resources Group published a new piece from CGC’s Alex Kragie on how the National Climate Bank Act can help the Green New Deal reach its ambitious targets.

As Director of the American Green Bank Consortium, a project of CGC that convenes existing state and local Green Banks to work together and share knowledge, Kragie has a firsthand look at the success of the Green Bank model to drive investment into clean energy projects. He writes:

By providing a framework and a set of financial tools to connect dollars to projects, this bill represents the first substantial legislative plank to support achievement of the climate goals of the Green New Deal.

The ABA publication also coincides with a recent interview by Sen. Ed Markey, a lead sponsor of the National Climate Bank Act, where he further discussed how the bill fits into his vision for climate action. Sen. Markey said:

“It’s really not a question of technology any longer. It’s really a question of political will,” Markey said of establishing a strategy to address climate change. “If we have the political will, the technologies will be there in order to transform our economy,” he added.

Read the full ABA piece here, and see Sen. Markey’s comments and full interview on video at the links.

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