Rhode Island Leads on Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

The effects of climate change are no longer a distant threat. Stronger storms and rising oceans are already wreaking havoc on our infrastructure across the country. Rhode Island’s Treasurer, Seth Magaziner, has seen the impacts first hand, which is why he helped create the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank. And in a recent op-ed in the Boston Globe, he articulated the need:

“Upgrading our infrastructure to defend our state from climate change and extreme weather is a generational challenge that will require ambition and urgency. With the proper focus we can meet this challenge and create good construction jobs while improving our economy, health and quality of life for all Rhode Islanders.”

Ambition and urgency is right. The U.S. needs to attack the source of climate change by lowering emissions, while also preparing for the impacts we can no longer escape. And for that we need more resilient infrastructure. Fortunately, climate-resilient infrastructure is authorized for investment under the National Climate Bank Act.

Read Treasurer Magaziner’s editorial in full here.

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