Our Mission

Coalition for Green Capital’s mission is to accelerate the transition to the clean energy economy by establishing Green Banks at the local, state, federal, and international levels to spur greater private investment in renewables, energy efficiency and clean transportation.

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About Us

The Coalition for Green Capital’s (CGC) mission is to drive greater clean energy investment into existing and new markets, in the United States and in developing countries with the goal of creating a 100% clean energy platform.

There is an opportunity and need to dramatically increase investment by connecting abundant capital with untapped and underserved markets and technologies.

To realize this opportunity, CGC incubates local clean energy finance organizations – often called Green Banks – and structures public, private and mission-driven capital for investment through those organizations. A large network of local clean energy finance organizations can access hard-to-reach projects, expand clean energy equity, and provide a scalable model for a thriving network for clean energy investment.

CGC, a 501c3 non-profit, is the leading expert and implementer of Green Banks, with a decade of work around the world that has led to over $2 billion of clean energy investment.





Our Team


Open Positions

Team Members

Reed Hundt

Mr. Hundt founded the Coalition for Green Capital in 2012 and currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Hundt imagined the Green Bank concept in 2009, and has been a driving force behind the Green Bank movement over the past several years.

Jeffrey Schub

Jeffrey Schub leads CGC’s business development and state-level consulting work. Jeffrey also leads CGC's federal advocacy efforts, and works abroad to educate stakeholders on the benefits of Green Banks.

Andrea Colnes

Andi leads development of CGC’s growing international Green Bank program including continued development of the Green Bank Network (GBN) and building a framework for Green Bank creation in emerging markets to help meet national climate goals.

Christopher Scott

Christopher Scott is the Director of Clean Energy Finance at CGC where he is responsible for designing and implementing clean energy finance products to support CGC’s growing network of Green Banks. Chris brings a significant and diverse skill set to CGC's team including 8 years of experience at Goldman Sachs.

Jill Bunting

Jill works with state and local governments to develop new models for accelerating clean technology adoption. Jill is a founding board member of the Climate Access Fund, a new initiative incubated at CGC to expand community solar access in low- and moderate-income communities in Baltimore and across Maryland.

Alex Kragie

Alex Kragie is a Program Director with the Coalition for Green Capital, where he oversees Green Bank creation and operations work on a range of different CGC projects.

Rob Youngs

Rob oversees Green Bank development opportunities across the US and internationally, and is currently working to develop the global Green Bank Network, whose main goals are to share best practices in clean energy finance and drive private investment in clean infrastructure.

Abe Wapner

Abe is a US Market Development Associate with CGC where he works to identify domestic clean finance opportunities and develop partnerships with state and local actors.

CGC Board of Directors

Reed Hundt (Chairman) – CEO of the Coalition for Green Capital
Kenneth Berlin – President and CEO of the Climate Reality Project
Paul de Sa– Founder, Quadra Partners
Roger Dower (Lead Independent Director) – President of the Johnson Foundation at Wingspread
David Hayes – Distinguished Visiting Lecturer in Law at Stanford Law School and former Deputy Secretary of the Interior
Monty Humble – Co-Founder and Managing Director of Brightman Energy
Sharon Oster – Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at Yale School of Management