• New Solar Financing Program in Hawaii

      We would like to congratulate the State Legislature of Hawaii for passing Senate Bill 1087 (SB 1087), innovative legislation authorizing the first ever combination of bond financing and on-bill repayment for clean energy infrastructure, including distributed generation solar PV systems. SB 1087 will make it less costly to deploy clean energy projects in Hawaiiby […]

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  • California

    Can Cap-n-Trade Fund Green Banks?

    California has paved the way for the American cap-and-trade market, why not do the same for green banks? A recent article published by Bloomberg suggests the possibility of using revenues from California’s cap-and-trade program to set up a state green bank. The program, implemented just this year, has already sold 23.1 million allowances in November, […]

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  • Nebraska

    Clean Energy in Nebraska – How do they do it?!

    Now that the price of solar hardware has steadily declined, the remaining costs associated with solar PV installation come from soft costs. In fact, customer acquisition costs have been cited as the single largest soft cost. According to SunRun, sales and marketing alone constitute over 25% of residential installation costs. How can the solar industry […]

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