Jeffrey Schub


Jeffrey Schub is the Executive Director of the Coalition for Green Capital (CGC), a nonprofit that incubates and supports local clean energy finance institutions – Green Banks – to drive greater clean energy investment into existing and new markets, in the United States and in developing countries. Jeff manages the organization and leads all business development, fundraising and project management activities. Jeff’s work in over a dozen states in the U.S. has led to Green Banks securing and investing hundreds of millions of dollars in clean energy. Jeff speaks regularly around the world on Green Bank development, and at events hosted by the White House, U.S. DOE, OECD, and ACEEE among others. He has lectured at Yale and Columbia Universities, and is a Visiting Expert at the Center for Business and the Environment at Yale. Prior to CGC, Jeff worked at Greenskies Renewables, EnerNOC, and Analysis Group. Jeff holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management and BA’s in economics and public policy from Brown University.