• In Response to Lomborg’s op-ed “The Poor Need Cheap Fossil Fuels”

      In Bjorn Lomborg’s recent New York Times op-ed, “The Poor Need Cheap Fossil Fuels,” the author asks readers to simply “face it,” and accept that the only way to bring electricity and its associated economic growth to the developing world is by burning carbon and pollutant-emitting fossil fuels. This view represents a stale and […]

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  • Global

    WWJD? *

    I recently received an invitation to sign a petition from students at my Alma mater urging divestment from fossil fuels. Colorado College is one of more than 200 campuses that have taken a stand against endowment investments in fossil fuels. The movement started on Swarthmore’s campus in 2010 and is designed after the 1980s anti-apartheid campaigns. […]

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