• Green Bankers Gather in Tokyo

    This week, Green Bank representatives and clean energy finance leaders will gather in Tokyo to share experiences and identify ways that public and private investment can rapidly scale to meet climate change goals. On Tuesday, the Japanese Green Finance Organisation (Japan’s Green Bank) will host the annual Green Bank Congress. Green Banks from Australia, UK, […]

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  • Zero Capital Gains

    Zero capital gains and zero income tax should apply not only to small businesses, but also to all clean energy generation and energy efficiency investments. Like green banks, this policy could help drive much-needed capital to areas such as energy innovation, green infrastructure, and energy efficiency that will create jobs, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and help […]

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  • California

    Can Cap-n-Trade Fund Green Banks?

    California has paved the way for the American cap-and-trade market, why not do the same for green banks? A recent article published by Bloomberg suggests the possibility of using revenues from California’s cap-and-trade program to set up a state green bank. The program, implemented just this year, has already sold 23.1 million allowances in November, […]

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