• Give the Grid to Solar; Let Clean Energy Spread Like the Internet Did

    By Reed E. Hundt [1] Hope or heartbreak is at hand for everyone who believes America should show how to stop destroying the climate by burning coal to make electricity. On the side of hope, solar panel installers now offer homeowners a deal not to be refused: pay no money down, and buy about three-quarters of […]

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  • Green Banks Will Help Solar Prices Continue to Drop

    According to a new report published by the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, installed prices of commercial and residential solar PV systems fell by about 6-14% between 2011 and 2012. The report shows that this drop in price stems from the reduced cost of PV modules. The remainder of the cost, therefore, is […]

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    CEFIA Continues to Receive Praise

    CEFIA continues to receive press covering the announcement of the brand new Solar Lease II. A recent article published by Breaking Energy praises CEFIA’s decision to partner with a group of private banks to invest around $60M in aggregate in solar PV and solar thermal hot water systems at residences and businesses. The article calls […]

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  • Congratulations CEFIA!

    Connecticut’s Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA) closed on a $60 million deal on Friday that will finance leases for over 2,000 rooftop solar systems for residential and commercial customers. CEFIA contributed $9.5 million to the deal, which attracted more than $50 million from private banks including US Bancorp, First Niagara Financial Group, and […]

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  • Distributed Solar – Part II

    An additional benefit of “green collar jobs” that could be created by distributed solar roll-out is that the jobs require a variety of skills and pay a variety of salaries. Working in the solar industry can involve a broad range of tools and skills ranging from electrical work to sales to structural engineering. Similarly, the salaries range […]

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  • Nebraska

    Clean Energy in Nebraska – How do they do it?!

    Now that the price of solar hardware has steadily declined, the remaining costs associated with solar PV installation come from soft costs. In fact, customer acquisition costs have been cited as the single largest soft cost. According to SunRun, sales and marketing alone constitute over 25% of residential installation costs. How can the solar industry […]

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