What We Do

CGC supports individual Green Bank efforts, as well as overall field development. Direct support services for Green Bank creation include:

Green Bank Opportunity & Market Scoping

CGC collaborates with local actors, including government, to evaluate specific clean energy market needs, existing programs and financing offerings, and market potential in order to identify the specific financing and market development gaps that could be addressed by a Green Bank. This includes development of a Green Bank business model suited to fit that market.

Green Bank Design & Formation

CGC provides direct technical assistance to design and legally form new Green Banks. By leveraging extensive experience from around the world, CGC has developed tried and true methods and models to turn a Green Bank from concept to reality. This includes capital raising, sourcing operating funds, developing the Green Bank operating model, and formal incorporation of the Green Bank.

Green Bank Operating Support & Product Design

Once a Green Bank is formally launched and open for business, CGC can provide on-going technical assistance to ensure successful operation. This includes product design and financing strategy development to ensure the Green Bank is able to provide financing and market solutions that can spark clean energy deployment at scale.

In addition, CGC participates in a wide range of industry, philanthropic, and policy efforts to advance Green Banks and clean energy investment broadly. This includes administering the Green Bank Network alongside partners, and speaking at events around the world on the Green Bank model.