Environmental Justice Advisory Board

CGC’s Commitment to Environmental Justice

CGC is continuing and deepening its commitment to energy and environmental justice, ensuring access, health, ownership, and economic benefits for all. Fossil fuel pollution especially burdens low-income and disadvantaged communities (LIDAC’s), and our objective is to maximize the reduction of greenhouse gas air pollution in these communities, expanding access to cheap, clean energy while creating new jobs.

Our vision of success demonstrates that rapid deployment of clean technology in LIDAC communities can accelerate clean energy adoption for the nation and the world.

Environmental Justice Advisory Board

In February 2022, CGC announced its inaugural Environmental Justice Advisory Board. Formed under the recommendation of CGC’s (then) Chief Consultant of Environmental Justice and Equity, William J. Barber III, and CGC former Executive Director Jeff Schub, the inaugural board was created to work with the CGC team in developing a theory of change for BIPOC and LIDAC engagement consistent with deepening commitments to equity and energy justice. 

CGC’s Inaugural Environmental Justice Advisory Board (EJAB) has:

  • Built on The American Green Bank’s Consortium’s strong foundation of servicing LIDAC communities, to assist in developing a theory of change that embraces a just transition within the National Green Bank business model.
  • Through education and partnership recruitment, working to investigate strategies to identify LIDAC communities not just as new markets, but as partners/owners to work with the national green bank.
  • Enumerating our collective call to action, specifically to ensure clean tech is affordable and accessible. 
  • Helping champion our vision for a clean energy push that prioritizes frontline America.


William J.Barber III

Senior Director of Impact and Equitable Investments

Sharlene Brown

Croatan Institute, Senior Fellow

Jesse Glickstein

Corporate Counsel, Amazon

Pedro Henriques da Silva

Director of Shifting Trillions, Sierra Club Foundation

Raya Salter

Founder & Executive Director, Energy Justice Law and Policy Center

Priorities for the Board include:

  • Investigating alternate underwriting criteria and financial models that allow for enhanced deployment of clean energy tech to frontline communities;
  • Identifying new metrics for program deployment that take into account equity considerations such as diversity in clean energy workforce development;
  • Alleviating energy burden for households, and expanding access to direct benefits associated with clean tech;
  • Establishing an internal accountability structure to ensure CGC continues and strengthens its commitments to environmental justice;
  • Engaging a broad network of organizations with track records of serving LIDAC and indigenous constituencies in frontline areas.

The Future of EJAB

EJAB will be scaling up this year, increasing in size and looking for opportunities to deepen the work around education and engagement of communities and EJ advocates.  CGC’s EJ strategy is created and informed by its Environmental Justice Advisory Board and its core mission is to seek high emissions/pollution reduction, job creation, health and cost benefits in and with LIDAC’s. Advisory Board members include Sharlene Brown, Raya Salter, Jessie Glickstein, and Pedro Henriques da Silva. CGC’s goal is to deepen our community engagement and be responsive to community needs. We need whole solutions for whole communities, and these LIDAC solutions will begin to circle the planet, create long-term wealth, and lower GHG emissions globally.