CGC Project and Pipeline Submissions

Submit your project or near-term pipeline for funding

CGC is gathering essential information about your project(s) to help us make informed investment prioritization decisions under the EPA Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) guidelines. This submission page is designed to collect the necessary details to prioritize investments effectively and efficiently.

Why your input matters

We need details about your project(s) to to prioritize investments based on:

  • Potential for greenhouse gases emissions reductions
  • Mobilization of public-private capital
  • Benefits to LIDACs (Low-Income and Disadvantaged Communities) according to Justice40

Priority project categories

Your project may fall into one of the following categories:

  • Distributed energy generation & storage
  • Net-zero emissions buildings
  • Zero emissions transportation
  • Other types of qualified projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and otherwise meet EPA’s requirements

How to submit your project information

Fill out the form to the right and select one of the following submission types:

  • Single project: enter information for a single project directly into the fields on the web form.
  • Multiple projects: download, complete, and upload the provided spreadsheet template to submit information for more than one project.

Please complete all fields with as much specificity and accuracy as possible at the time of submission.

We appreciate your interest in this funding opportunity and if selected for funding, projects will go through an additional impact analysis in the underwriting process

Submission deadline

Please submit proposals by end of day July 5, 2024

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