CGC’s Jeff Schub to speak today at Yale summit

The third biennial Yale Environmental Sustainability Summit takes place today. The theme is “Dispatches from the Future,” which asks “how we might compel the collective, sweeping environmental action that we need in the midst of a time of rapid change and uncertainty.”

CGC Executive Director Jeff Schub will be speaking on a panel discussing the role for a National Climate Bank, along with Connecticut Green Bank President and CEO Bryan Garcia, Greenworks Lending Co-founder and CEO Jessica Bailey, and BBL Commodities CIO Jonathan Goldberg.

These experts and leaders on the clean energy finance are sure to have a robust discussion on the policy tools available to mobilize a much-needed wave of investment into clean energy projects, including the proposed National Climate Bank.

The topic for the session builds on previous comments Schub made in an interview with Yale Insights:

This policy is fundamentally based on market principles. There is no market for energy that is more expensive. This is not about forcing consumers to do something that the government thinks is right for them. This bill is specifically designed to provide solutions that lower energy costs while delivering clean energy.

See the full interview for more on what the National Climate Bank could achieve, and how existing institutions like the Connecticut Green Bank have proved the concept in the real world.

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