Clean Energy Finance News – Monthly Roundup

This is the September installment of the CGC’s monthly news roundup, where we compile important news and commentary on public and private investment in clean energy projects. We’ve searched the internet to find the news stories that will keep you up to speed and informed on blended finance approaches to clean energy.

A Different Kind of Bank

“By offering financing or reducing the cost of financing, green banks can attract private investment to clean energy, sometimes achieving a 10:1 ratio of private-to-public dollars, Youngs said. This leverage is critical because, although the world invested a record US$286 billion in renewable energy in 2015, that investment must be doubled by 2020 and tripled in the 2020s to meet international objectives laid out in the 2015 Paris agreement…”

How to Raise Trillions for Green Investments

“Saving our planet from the worst effects of climate change won’t be cheap. The good news is that there is a global abundance of private capital. To unlock these riches, governments must create conditions that encourage private investment in clean technologies and sustainable development.”

Murphy, Blumenthal, Whitehouse Introduce Green Bank Act to Support Clean Energy Initiatives

“U.S. Senators Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) on Thursday introduced the Green Bank Act of 2016. The bill would create a national green bank to utilize public seed money to attract larger, private investments in clean energy and energy efficiency projects.”

A Clean Energy Action Plan for the United States

“Investments made in energy infrastructure today will have carbon consequences tomorrow. If care is not taken to foster low-carbon options, support them financially, and remove barriers to their deployment, future policymakers might have even bigger challenges than they do now.”


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