Clean Energy Financing News Roundup

New Program Provides Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing for Home Improvements in Kansas City Area

“Renovate America, the leading provider of residential Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing in the U.S., and the Missouri Clean Energy District (MCED) today announced a recruitment effort to register local contractors to offer new kinds of financing for Missouri homeowners to make energy-efficient and renewable energy improvements. HERO, Missouri’s new residential PACE program, will give local contractors an important new tool for growing their businesses and reaching more customers with energy-saving technologies.” 
“Bank of China’s $3 billion multi-currency green bond underlines Asia’s rapidly growing share of global green funding as countries such as China and India, among the world’s biggest polluters, finance their environmental targets.” 
“President Barack Obama went hard on climate change and energy in a campaign speech on behalf of Hillary Clinton in North Carolina, a sign the issue could be a major theme of the upcoming general election campaign. While Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders dueled over climate and energy policy in the primary, the subject was virtually absent from the Republican primary debate. Obama seems to believe that a strong climate message can win even in a state that has only voted for a Democrat for president twice in 40 years: Once for Jimmy Carter, and once for him.” 
“Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) will introduce an investment tax credit for energy storage the week of July 11, based on the existing credit for solar energy. The legislation would give businesses and homes a 30 percent credit, but the credit would taper off starting in 2020. Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) introduced similar legislation on the House side in May.” 

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