Clean Energy Financing News Roundup

NY Green Bank Announces Closing of $25 Million Loan to Accelerate Investment Residential Solar Installations Across the State

“NY Green Bank today announced the closing of a $25 million loan for Sunrun Inc., which will accelerate construction of more than 5,000 solar projects at homes across New York State. This loan complements a separate $25 million NY Green Bank transaction with Sunrun, announced by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo last month, which provides longer-term financing following completion of the projects.”


Loan Firm Dividend Solar Merges with PACE Financer Figtree, Raises $200 Million

“Dividend is a solar financing firm offering residential loans that include performance guarantees and warranty management. Figtree provides property-assessed clean energy (PACE) financing for energy-efficiency improvements, including solar power and water conservation upgrades. PACE financing allows home or business owners to access long-term financing that is repaid through their property taxes. The merger represents the first-ever combination of a residential solar lender and PACE financing provider.”


Three Amigos Unveil Climate and Energy Plan, NAFTA Changes

“President Barack Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto completed a one-day summit in Ottawa Wednesday, where they unveiled a commitment to see half of the continent’s electricity generated by clean sources by 2025.”


Hillary Clinton Initiative on Technology and Innovation

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton unveiled her technology and innovation plan. She plans to use funds leveraged by her infrastructure bank to “create a competitive grant program to give cities, regions, and states incentives to create a ‘model digital community.” This continues Clinton’s campaign theme of sparking innovation through private-public investment platforms like the national infrastructure bank.


Exxon Touts Carbon Tax to Oil Industry

“Exxon MobileCorp. is ramping up its lobbying of other energy companies to support a carbon tax, marking a shift in the oil giant’s approach to climate change as the industry faces growing pressure to address the politically charged issue.”


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