Coalition for Green Capital Responds to EPA Announcement

Washington, DC– Reed Hundt, chairman and CEO of the Coalition for Green Capital, released the following statement today in response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund program design announcement:

“CGC applauds EPA for launching the award of grants under the historic GGRF. In particular, we endorse the Agency’s recognition that: ‘The overarching objectives of the GGRF are to (1) reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants; (2) deliver benefits to low-income and disadvantaged communities; and (3) mobilize financing and private capital to stimulate additional deployment of greenhouse gas and air pollution reducing projects.’

“We agree also that ‘this program will have widespread benefits to residents of the United States in communities across the country through the deployment of projects that reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions and other forms of air pollution.’

“Furthermore, it is absolutely correct to state that, ‘Additionally, this program will support the creation of high-paying jobs.’

“We and our partners, including the American Green Bank Consortium, appreciate the attention and care given to this program by the EPA, and we welcome the opportunity to participate in the next steps outlined by the Agency in today’s important announcement.”


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