Poll: Americans Want Bold Action to Create Jobs of the Future

April 14, 2020

Poll: Americans Want Bold Action to Create Jobs of the Future
Expect Congress to fund renewable energy job to tackle climate change

WASHINGTON—As Congress looks for ways to restore the economy, it should take bold actions to create jobs that can also reduce the threat climate change poses, according to a SurveyMonkey | Coalition for Green Capital poll. Americans also expect Congress to do whatever it takes to defeat the coronavirus.

Seventy-three percent support the federal government funding the creation of renewable energy jobs to address the looming climate crisis. Only 16 percent opposed. A strong majority, 76 percent, want Congress to take on both challenges facing the country simultaneously: defeating the coronavirus and investing in putting Americans back to work. Just 17 oppose this.

“Americans want bold action from their leaders to create a healthier, stronger and cleaner future. And when it comes to getting the economy going again, they want jobs that will put people to work and also help solve the next crisis: climate change,” Coalition for Green Capital CEO Reed Hundt said. “We should build a country that we have always dreamed it to be, not as it was.”

Other key findings from the poll, include:

83 percent support Congress taking bold steps to create productive, safe and well-paying jobs of the future. Eight percent oppose.

85 percent say the federal government should empower state and local governments to provide good transportation, education and affordable health care. Nine percent oppose.

This analysis is based on a SurveyMonkey online poll conducted among 624 likely 2020 voters ages 18 and older across the United States between April 4-6. The modeled error estimate for the full sample is ±4 percentage points.

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