Senate Passes Historic Climate Bill Funding a National Green Bank

Washington, DC— Upon passage in the United States Senate of the Inflation Reduction Act, Reed Hundt released the following statement:

“As the CEO of the Coalition for Green Capital, I wish to extend the heartiest of congratulations to the United States Senate for passing this historic, world-saving legislation. Our organization and all the hundreds of non-profits ranging from state green banks to community development financial institutions are especially thrilled by the provision entitled Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.

“With confidence and hope, we look forward to the vote in the House of Representatives and the President’s signing of this monumental legislation. I especially want to call out for profound thanks and recognition Senators Ed Markey of Massachusetts and Chris Van Hollen of Maryland. Their National Climate Bank Act of 2019 was the genesis of the Fund established in the bill passed by the Senate today. Their advocacy of a national green bank dates back to 2009. Without their vision and persistence, and the help of many other senators and congresspeople, such as Representative Debbie Dingell of Michigan, this moment would not have occurred.”


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