Webinar Highlights Mission-Driven Investment via Green Banks

CGC’s Deputy Director Jill Bunting was a moderator and panelist for Confluence Philanthropy’s “Investing in Domestic Clean Energy Projects 101” webinar on January 28. The webinar also featured Curtis Probst, Co-CEO at NYCEEC and Aaron Seybert, Managing Director at the Social Investment Practice of The Kresge Foundation. The conversation focused on the structures available to mission-driven investors, the challenges in directly investing in projects, and the tools that exist to overcome those challenges.

Mission-driven investors have a key role to play in addressing persistent structural barriers in clean energy markets. The flexibility they offer compared to commercial capital can be an important factor in meeting climate-related targets. And they have a growing support system in the form of intermediaries like Green Banks, which can help mission-driven investors identify the most impactful and appropriate investment vehicles.

More takeaways from the conversation can be found on Confluence Philanthropy’s blog post.

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