About Us

The Coalition for Green Capital’s mission is to accelerate the transition to the clean energy economy by establishing Green Banks at the local, state, federal, and international levels to spur greater investment in renewables, energy efficiency and clean transportation.

The Coalition for Green Capital (CGC), the leading non-profit expert and technical assistance provider on Green Banks, has been developing and advancing Green Banks for nearly a decade. In that time, CGC has constantly refined and advanced the thinking on the role and methods of Green Bank financing. CGC aims to be a field catalyst, driving and supporting the success of individual Green Banks and the overall field. To accomplish this, CGC:

  • develops methods, toolkits and resources to support Green Bank operations and financing activity;
  • builds networks to collect and distribute practical information about clean energy financing; shapes system-wide road maps for Green Bank development; and
  • creates and supports operations of Green Banks with local actors, when and where needed.

CGC has learned through experience that as a third-party non-profit actor, it is uniquely positioned to inject momentum into Green Bank processes and provide the operational scaffolding often necessary to carry Green Banks forward from concept to success.