CGC Activity in the United States

Green Bank development in the U.S. has been characterized by experimentation and variation, with the model adapting to fit local market needs. Green Banks have been created in multiple forms (public, quasi-public, non-profit), all in concert with government and public funding. The operating model, market-engagement strategies and specific financing tools used have also all varied. The result is a wealth of knowledge, experience and data that illuminate two clear outcomes:

  • That Green Banks work! Green Banks collectively in the U.S. have driven over $2 billion of clean energy investment; and
  • That Green Banks can do even more if future Green Banks are formed in a more coordinated and consistent fashion that leverages the capacity and know-how of existing Green Banks and key partners

CGC is now working with a broad set of partners to develop such a framework that can ensure Green Banks are formed and operated effectively and quickly, while still allowing local market variation.

See “Example Green Banks” for more information on operational Green Banks.

In addition to these operating Green Banks, CGC is presently working in the following locations to assess the Green Bank opportunity or support new Green Bank activity: California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.