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CGC and its Green Bank partners are constantly updating the best practices around Green Banks. New models for Green Bank creation and operation are currently under development, and will be shared in 2018 on this website. In the meantime, please review past resources and materials from prior CGC Green Bank creation activities and approaches. – April 2018

Green Bank 101 Materials

Green Bank White Paper

CGC Two Page Description

CGC Goals, History & Strategy

CGC Model for Green Bank Creation


CGC Green Bank Memos

Green Bank Legislation Structures & Options

Green Bank Product & Activity Overview


CGC Policy Memos

Investing in 21st Century Infrastructure – Updated December 2016


CGC Presentations

Dedicated Green Banks to Accelerate Climate Investment & Achieve NDCs

Growing Clean Energy Markets Quickly with Green Bank Financing

Decarbonizing the Power Sector with Clean Energy Finance

Leveraging Private Investment with Public Capital

The Impact of Clean Power on Economic Growth

The Value of Public Investment in Green Banks


Public CGC Deliverables


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International Green Bank Materials

National Green Banks in Developing Countries: Scaling Up Private Finance to Achieve Paris Climate Goals

Green & Resilience Banks – How the Green Investment Bank Model Can Play a Role in Scaling Up Climate Finance in Emerging Markets

Green Bank Financing to Accelerate Clean Energy Deployment in Canada

Green Finance Facilities and Green Banks in China (in Chinese 用中文)


External Resources

OECD – Green Investment Banks – Scaling up Private Investment in Low-carbon, Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

Brookings Institute – State Clean Energy Finance Banks – New Investment Facilities for Clean Energy Deployment

U.S. DOE – Energy Investment Partnerships – How State and Local Governments Are Engaging Private Capital to Drive Clean Energy Investments