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Green Bank 101 Materials

Introduction to Green Bank Development in the US – April 2019

The Nonprofit Model for Green Bank Development – January 2019

PRIs: Alternative Sources of Green Bank Investment Capital in the United States – February 2019

American Green Bank Consortium – 2018 Annual Report on Green Banks in the United States – June 2019


U.S. Federal Legislation

CGC Slide Deck: The National Climate Bank

Webinar Recording: National Climate Bank Act Briefing with Rep. Debbie Dingell

Webinar Slides: National Climate Bank Act Briefing with Rep. Debbie Dingell

The National Climate Bank Act of 2019: House Bill Summary

National Climate Bank Act – H.R. 5416

The National Climate Bank Act of 2019: Senate Bill Summary

Polling Finds Widespread Support for National Climate Bank

Mobilizing $1 Trillion Towards Climate Action: An Analysis of the National Climate Bank

Investing Across Sectors to Reduce Emissions: An Analysis of the National Climate Bank

Supporting State and Local Green Banks: An Analysis of the National Climate Bank

Federal Financing via Independent Institutions: Precedents for the National Climate Bank

The American Energy Innovation Act: Stronger with a National Climate Bank

List of Previous Green Bank Legislation in the U.S. Congress


Public CGC Deliverables


District of Columbia




New York



International Green Bank Materials

National Green Banks in Developing Countries: Scaling Up Private Finance to Achieve Paris Climate Goals

Green & Resilience Banks – How the Green Investment Bank Model Can Play a Role in Scaling Up Climate Finance in Emerging Markets

Green Bank Financing to Accelerate Clean Energy Deployment in Canada

Green Finance Facilities and Green Banks in China (in Chinese 用中文)


External Resources

OECD – Green Investment Banks – Scaling up Private Investment in Low-carbon, Climate-Resilient Infrastructure

Brookings Institute – State Clean Energy Finance Banks – New Investment Facilities for Clean Energy Deployment

U.S. DOE – Energy Investment Partnerships – How State and Local Governments Are Engaging Private Capital to Drive Clean Energy Investments

Nicholas Institute For Environmental Policy Solutions – Beyond Financing: A Guide to Green Bank Design in the Southeast