Clean Energy Accelerator

    What It Is

    The Clean Energy & Sustainability Accelerator is an independent, nonpartisan nonprofit finance entity that will operate as the U.S. national green bank. It will use public funds to mobilize more private investment to accelerate deployment of clean and resilient infrastructure in every community in the U.S. 

    It is a no-regrets, proven, practical implementation tool that will create jobs, strengthen communities, create new businesses and lower greenhouse gas emissions. By prioritizing 40 percent of funding for communities in greatest need of jobs, it will support disadvantaged communities. All that is needed to get it started is funding from Congress.

    What It Will Accomplish

    A $100B upfront capitalization of the Accelerator from Congress will:

    Why It Can Pass in 2021

    It did twice in 2020 

    The House of Representatives passed legislation to fund the Accelerator TWICE in 2020 – once as part of an infrastructure package and again as part of an energy innovation package. The prospects of passage in 2021 are even stronger.

    Green Goes Red 

    Demand for state green banks has never been higher. And it is not just blue states. States of all political leanings want the green bank model. The only thing missing is the funding. The primary task for the Accelerator will be to help start and then fund new green banks in every state to support local, community-driven investment.

    US Map depicting states that have existing green banks, green banks in development, and have yet to form green banks

    Voters of Both Parties Support the Accelerator

    Seven out of 10 voters want Congress to invest in clean energy infrastructure as a way to kill two birds with one stone – create jobs and fight climate change. And two out of three voters specifically want Congress to fund the Accelerator. This is true in fossil fuel and swing states.


    of voters want Congress to invest in clean energy


    of voters specifically want Congress to fund the Accelerator

    Additional Bipartisan Support

    • The bill is endorsed and co-sponsored by Vice President Harris.
    • President Biden’s clean energy and environmental justice plans specifically call for a green bank-like financing program.
    • 25 governors in the bipartisan US Climate Alliance requested that Congress create and fund a national green bank.
    • Was included in recommendations in the House Select Committee and the Senate Special Committee on the Climate Crisis action plans.

    How It Works and Creates Jobs

    The non-partisan, non-profit uses the proven green bank model to speed up the clean energy transition.

    The initial public sector funding to capitalize the accelerator is paired with additional private sector dollars (co-investment), usually at least three to five private dollars for every public dollar.

    Since the funds are loaned and repaid, the funding can be recycled for future projects and does not add to the federal debt.

    Working installing solar panels

    It does this in nine ways:

    How to Get Involved and What You Can Do

    Contact your U.S. senators and U.S. representatives to let them know you want the Clean Energy Accelerator to be included in any stimulus bill to create jobs and build clean energy infrastructure.

    Working installing solar panels

    We especially need the following senators to hear from you: 

    • Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) 
    • Joe Manchin (W.Va.)
    • Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.)
    • John Hickenlooper (Colo.)
    • Mark Kelly (Ariz.)
    • Susan Collins (Maine)
    • Angus King (Maine) 
    • Tom Tillis (N.C.)
    • Richard Burr (N.C.)